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2022 Trends in Remote Patient Monitoring and Digital Health

Two pieces of paper that show data charts overlapping one another.
Trends in remote patient monitoring

Awesome webinar discussing the trends in remote patient monitoring from 2022.

What to expect:

Industry expects such as Dr. Steven Shook, Director of Telehealth at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Kenneth Snow, Medical Director, Chronic Care Team at CVS Health, Dr. Nick Patel, Chief Digital Officer at Prisma Health, and Drew Schiller, CEO at Validic discuss the following:

-Trends in digital health and remote patient monitoring

-Consumer Expectations for on-demand services and consumer-centric experiences

-Regulation and Business Models needed to support continued digital health growth

"There has been a continuation of a sense of consumerism growing in healthcare and if we want to provide care in the most optimal way we need to meet people where they are and make healthcare as convenient as possible and the adoption and expansion of virtual care are helping us reach people where they are in a more convenient fashion than we have in the past" - Kenneth Snow

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