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The Power Of Digital In Proactively Fueling Evidence-Based Care Journeys

A physician sitting behind a desk communicating with someone across the desk from them.
Data driven digital care fuels evidence based care journeys

The focus of health systems needs to transition towards addressing the unique health needs of individuals while leveraging technology.

By leveraging modern technology, we empower patients and care teams to establish a new standard of care through universal interoperability and seamless integration of virtual and in-person care enabling a web-to-bed strategy.

"Long ago, if a person had a chronic condition or was recovering from surgery, their physician would check in personally. They may have called or made a house call to ensure things were going well, the person was doing their exercises or taking their meds, and their treatment was going according to plan. Providers offered very personal interactions that could disrupt inertia, and help people make choices that would most benefit their health. Today, despite their best intentions, providers are far too taxed to deliver, support and follow through on those types of interactions in person. For patients, today’s care journeys too often add complexity to an individual’s (already full) to-do list in life. Exercise and medication schedules may not be adhered to given someone is working two jobs. A mailed postcard reminder may get put aside due to a meeting or work deadline. Placing an actual phone call to schedule appointments or coordinate care may just feel "too hard." In each scenario, the inertia of life takes over and health plays second fiddle." - Andy Chu

A web-to-bed strategy allows health systems to utilize technology to keep all parties connected along the continuum of care.

Check out the full article here: Forbes

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