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The New “Front Door” to Healthcare Can Only Open Fully with True Interoperability

A pharmacist using a tablet.
With the passing of the Test-to-Treat program pharmacists are on track to play a larger role in the delivery of healthcare.

Pharmacists are on track to play an even larger role in the future state of healthcare. With the passing of the Test-to-Treat program, "pharmacies are now in the process of going beyond immunizations into areas such as infectious disease, prescribing hormonal contraceptives, tobacco cessation, medical nutrition therapy and preventive counseling." For example, in 2022 Kentucky was the first state to allow pharmacists to conduct colon cancer screenings. This is a huge step in the right direction with 95% of Americans living within 5 miles of a pharmacy. That said, "The need for simplicity and interoperability of pharmacy data management systems and patient communications solutions has never been greater."

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