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The Digital Flywheel: An Operating Model That Enables Patient Centric Care

The ability to offer a patient-centric experience has been hard for hospitals and health systems to do, but not for long.

A patient monitoring their wellbeing via health apps.
Digital Flywheel for Healthcare Applications

Amazon has set the standard for a convenient and customer centric experience leaving many companies/industries having to follow suit to try to mirror what Amazon offers in order to stay competitive.

And while many companies/industries have been successful in offering a similar experience to that of Amazon, healthcare has lagged in doing so.

Due to the siloed nature of the healthcare system it is hard to gather a complete understanding of a given patient base and match the needs of that patient base. However, one of the many benefits of using modern telehealth platforms is the ability to provide a fully integrated experience that ties virtual care to location care.

Imagine if you owned a restaurant but you could only generate revenue on orders that were placed from a table in your restaurant and couldn't use platforms like Uber eats, DoorDash , or Grubhub to expand your consumer base. You'd probably be outperformed by other restaurants that offer delivery and a better consumer experience through modern technology, right?

Well, this is the same position that many hospitals and health systems, especially in rural communities, find themselves in with large companies stepping into the realm of virtual care that will only steal revenue streams from rural facilities that need it most.

Not only does the use of a modern telehealth platform provide a better patient, provider, and administrator experience, it also helps rural facilities offer high quality care and stay afloat.

"A digital flywheel is a highly proven model across consumer-driven industries that fuels consumer acquisition, retention, and engagement automatically through a technology platform that gives the model incredible scale. The flywheel attracts consumers in the market and turns them into happy customers that promote the organization organically, driving growth." - Providence Digital Innovation Group

Check out the full article by Providence.

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