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Telehealth Is Here To Stay: How Technology Helps Physicians Provide Better Access To Care

A doctor conducting a telehealth visit.
With the rise in use of telehealth providers are now able to offer better access to care.

Telehealth is not just a pandemic trend but instead is a game-changing technology that has become a staple for physicians and is serving unmet healthcare needs.

"Not only are chronically ill patients communicating with their providers, but they are also leveraging telehealth on a more continued basis versus one-off visits. Nearly a quarter (23%) of Dynata survey respondents reported that their telehealth visits were for regularly scheduled chronic care appointments and 9% said they turned to telehealth for ad hoc appointments to manage concerns related to their chronic condition. Overall, the findings suggests that telehealth can serve as an efficient care delivery tool, helping primary care providers connect with their chronically ill patients more often. This in turn drives better health care outcomes and potentially reduces patient reliance on emergency rooms or urgent care settings – allowing for providers to focus on high-priority patients." - Jessica Sweeney-Platt

With innovative digital health care solutions, patients and providers are experiencing a transformation that goes beyond the traditional healthcare system, enabling them to achieve better health outcomes.

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