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Admin Center

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Finally, administrators have the tools they need to support a best-in-class patient and provider experience

Telehealth administrators task bar to support patients and providers

Task integration delivers seamless operations and efficiencies

Unified admin workspace enabling virtual care
center management and high-quality patient
encounters across locations, specialties
and staffing partners

Autmated hybrid care at scale scheduling with staffing rules and capacity planning

Dynamic scheduling, appointments and integrated admin support capabilities

Telehealth administrator dashboard with scheduling, tasks, forecasting and capacity planning

Real-time session analytics, forecasting and capacity planning to optimize outcomes and avoid provider burnout

Telehealth forecasting and capacity planning for different services and specialties

Complete scheduling capabilities integrating provider and staffing augmentation groups into a seamless state-of-the-art environment

Telehealth provider groups scheduling and staffing rules for seamless staffing augmentation

Empower your administrators today!

And experience the impact of modern healthcare within your organization.

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