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Virtual Care Centers powered by CentiBlick enable patients to manage their medical data and engage with providers for healthier lives and better outcomes

Virtual Care Visits
powered by CentiBlick

HIPAA, HITECH and SOC2 Compliant Informed Telehealth sessions with complete medical records from 26,000+ connected health facilities

Normalized and easy-to-understand medical data with trends and histories delivering engagement and better outcomes

Integrated home health devices and wearables that are visible to both patient and provider

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Virtual Care Services
powered by CentiBlick

Primary Care and Speciality Care diagnosis and treatment with seamless pharmacy and reference lab integrations

Chronic Care management and value-based care with remote patient management devices

EHR Portal integrations enabling patient connections at the many different places they receive care 

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Virtual Care Centers
powered by CentiBlick

Cloud-based best-in-class patient self service experience with the channel of their choice (online-mobile-call-text or chat)

Unified virtual provider workspace connecting locations, specialities and behavioral health services with native AI and ML capabilities

Real-time session analytics, appointment and prescription reminders, automated follow up and capacity planning to improve patient outcomes and avoid provider burnout

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