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Sturdy Memorial Hospital's Three Keys To Curbing Physician Burnout

A doctor measuring someones blood pressure and charting it on paper with pen.
Traditional methods of care are leading to burnout for physicians.

"Additionally, investing in tools that better improve efficient, easily accessible healthcare information across care locations, agnostic to the individual organizations' EHR platforms, will allow better coordinated, timely care for patients, with use of less human resources." - Brian Patel

As we continue to hear about physician burnout and the expected shortage of physicians in the future it is inevitable that technology will have to play a more advanced role in helping assist care teams as well as eliminate unneeded emergency department visits. For example, many patients suffering from mental illness end up in the emergency department which isn't designed to care for these types of patients. Not only are these trips to an emergency department costly for the individual seeking care, they also bog down the staff and ultimately make it harder to care for the patients that are capable of being treated in the emergency department. Not only does this lead to a lower quality of care across the board for all patients, but it also contributes to physician burnout. It is awesome to hear how Brian Patel and his team at Sturdy Memorial Hospital are thinking about attacking and finding a solution to the problem that is physician burnout.

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