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Data normalization for semantic translation

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

"Why normalizing your clinical and claims data into standard terminologies is critical to supporting forward-thinking initiatives such as big data analytics, population health management and semantic interoperability"

A classic good news/bad news situation

First the good news: the steady growth of healthcare information technology (HIT) in recent years has ushered in a new era of automation. The future of healthcare will be built on data—actionable patient information to support population health management and analytics to improve outcomes.

The bad news is that although data is being made available it is often displayed on different scales, units or reference ranges and does not allow you to trend, compare or take action.

The good news is CentiBlick's patented solution normalizes and makes available patients' health data despite the various reference ranges and regardless of which EHR the data is stored in freeing the data so that patients can truly track and trend their medical information. The EHR medical information silos are being broken down freeing people to use their own medical information however they desire.

Data normalization for semantic interoperable translation is available via Centiblick patented technology allowing for trending of patient health data

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