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Patients Armed With Telehealth Tools Help Baptist Health Deliver Better Care

A doctor checking their computer
Hospitals and health systems that begin to implement next level telehealth will separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

In this day and age hospitals and health systems can provide patients with technology to receive a higher quality of care from the comfort of their home. By meeting patients in their home not only are hospitals and health systems able to provide a higher quality of care they are also able to attract and retain patients to a higher degree. Advancements in healthcare IT will only continue to grow the practice of informed telehealth making it easier for patients to receive high quality informed virtual care.

People and hospitals like Brett Oliver, MD and Hardin Memorial Health are at the forefront of this movement and it is awesome to see. Check out this article discussing how the team at Hardin Memorial Health is taking telehealth to the next level.

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