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Patient Center

powered by CentiBlick

Our platform delivers hybrid health care connecting patients to virtual and location services for better outcomes and healthier lives

Interoperable electronic medical records from 26,000 EHRs mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act in 2023

Web retrieved and cloud aggregated, shareable patient medical records from 26,000+ connected facility EHRs

Cloud-based best-in-class patient hybrid healthcare experience

A patient and provider during a HIPAA secure telehealth session with interoperable health records

Normalized comprehensive medical data with trends and histories

Patients can schedule a telehealth session or visit now with available doctors or an appointment for later with specialties

Consolidated patient reminders delivering engagement and healthy behaviors

Patients can see doctors they have seen in the past and schedule a telehealth appointment with them
Lab Report, X-ray, graph, normalized data report and other interoperable medical records for patients

4000+ pre-connected home health and wearable devices

Patients can view and share thier connected remote patient monitoring devices

Empower your patients today!

And experience the impact of modern healthcare within your organization.

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