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Patient Center

powered by CentiBlick

Our platform delivers hybrid health care connecting patients to virtual and location services for better outcomes and healthier lives

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Patient Center

powered by CentiBlick


of Facility EHRs


Shareable Patient Records

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Health Plans

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Patient Center

Provider Center

Deliver Cutting-edge Security for Patient Privacy

Our telehealth platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security measures to safeguard patient information, mitigating the risks of data theft and cybersecurity issues commonly associated with video conferencing technology

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Empower Informed Care Anywhere

Patients can effortlessly access and consolidate their medical records from over 26,000+ connected health facilities and 4,000 pre-connected devices facilitating easy sharing for telehealth sessions or with our network of 7M connected providers

Enhance Patient Experience

Provide your patients with the power to control their medical records, book and oversee appointments, and conveniently manage medications and devices while receiving personalized reminders

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Empower your patients today!

And experience the impact of modern healthcare within your organization.

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