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Milestone 1

Pathman  was founded by Dr. Kenneth Blick and launched the Pulmonary Function Spirometry System 

In 1980, the Pathman Anatomic Pathology System was launched with real time data entry, coding & automated billing with EMR interface for lab and vital reporting. This resulted in 18 hospital installations averaging 20 years in service

Milestone 2

After successfully developing the Normalized Decimal Equivalency System, Pathman established a partnership with Beckman Coulter to assist in patent application/legal support and future commercialization endeavors

Milestone 3

Pathman and Beckman Coulter filed:

Normalized Decimal Equivalency System

-Feb 25th , 2010 publication of US20100050116A1

-Beckman Coulter is acquired by Danaher and sole ownership of application US20100050116A1

Is granted to Pathman 

-June 19, 2012 Application  for Normalized Decimal Equivalency System is granted Patent # US8204713B2 with adjusted expiration date of Sep 18, 2030

Milestone 4

Successful Pathman  development of working prototype concept to include complete suite of IT solutions Using the Patented Normalized CentiBlick Reporting (CBR) System Scale 
Secure IT Solution with real-time review and assessment of medical laboratory data, vitals, reports & images. 
Cloud Computing HIPAA compliant system for medical reporting to patients,  physicians,  and nurses with a "real-time" HL7 standard push interface that reports critical and normal results to patients and  physicians/providers in real time.

Applications available on mobile devices including cell phones and tablets with real-time interfacing via cloud computing. Also available on personal computers

Milestone 5

Following successful prototype Development Pathman filed: 

Apparatus, Method and  System for Cumulative Reporting Medical Information Provisional Application no. 61/951,756 filed on Mar 12,2014
-Application no. 14/575,443

-Publication no. US2015/0261920 A1
-Publication date Sept 17th, 2015

Provisional protection for Computer implemented system for managing medical results Provided Electronic Medical

Milestone 6

A new and emerging Health IT market was created in March 2020 with Congress passing the 21st Century Cures Act finalizing two rules issued by the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
Dr. Kenneth E Blick and David Blick founded CentiBlick Inc. (a stock corporation) and assembled a team to leverage Pathman IP, prototypes and technology to create a Longitudinal Interoperable Health IT Ecosystem and become the industry leader in the disruptive Interoperable Health IT Market created by the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act.

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