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Michigan Medicine Launches Mobile Monitoring to Enhance Inpatient Care

A data dashboard on a providers laptop.
Remote patient monitoring: The ability to monitor certain aspects of a patient's health from their own home has become an increasingly popular telehealth option.

While this article is specific to monitoring patients from a distance in the Emergency Department, one can infer that with the expected shortage of roughly 124,000 physicians between now and 2034, the ability to monitor patients remotely will play a huge role in providing care for patients.

It is awesome to see that Michigan Medicine has launched a new mobile monitoring program to enhance inpatient care. The initiative uses the Philips IntelliVue Guardian System, which allows for continuous patient monitoring and alerting.

The system sends alerts to the care team when a patient's vital signs or other indicators fall outside of a specified range, allowing for earlier intervention and improved patient outcomes.

The mobile monitoring program is expected to increase patient safety, reduce length of stay, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

"The platform allows care teams to access real-time waveform data in locations away from the bedside and dashboards containing trend data to assist with root cause analysis, thereby enabling timeliness of care, leading to fewer delays. Other benefits of the system include the ability to review patient trends in clinical rounds, greater efficiency when determining early signs of deterioration through vitals data, and general improvements in task execution processes, according to the press release." - Mark Melchionna

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