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How Virtual Companions Can Close Care Gaps and Reduce Costs

A person interacting with a messaging app on their phone.
Virtual companions can help free up bandwidth and improve quality of care when used properly.

As patient's begin to build a stronger digital presence throughout their healthcare journey virtual companions such as AI-powered chatbots can help healthcare providers reduce costs and improve patient outcomes by closing care gaps and extending their continuum of care through the use of modern technology.

Modern technology can help improve medication adherence, reduce hospital readmissions, and monitor chronic conditions. For example, a California health system saw a 30% reduction in hospital readmissions by using virtual companions.

"Payers face multiple industry headwinds, ranging from healthcare worker shortages to the high prevalence of chronic conditions, disjointed member experiences and disengaged members. These headwinds result in gaps in care, unnecessary emergency department (ED) readmissions and other issues." - Becker's Payer Issues

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