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Changing Lives One Download at a Time


Access to all health records:

CentiBlick delivers health information and test results in one place

from over 2100+ disconnected health record systems as mandated

by the provisions of the 21st Century Cures act putting individuals in control of their healthcare


Patent protected technology: scale, apparatus, method and system for the cumulative reporting for medical information creating a second tier of data empowering a Human Interface

(1 cb = 1% of the normal scale)


AI and Machine Learning:

Our Human Interface for health testing data from all sources enables utilization of the Learning Health System to support decision making & create person- centered plans/goals with health care teams delivering healthier lives and improved outcomes.

Health Information App

powered by CentiBlick

Finally, all of your health information in one place, easy to understand and use™

Combines all your health records from: 

  • Over 2100 disconnected health systems 

  • Home Health Information

  • Wearables and personal devices

Health information updated in real time from all sources with their health care team

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Prototype Screen 03.png

Provider Portal and Health Information App

powered by CentiBlick

Empowering individuals to:

  • Securely exchange health information updated in real time from all sources with their health care team

  • Make informed decisions with Easy-to-understand results and access to images, reports and scans

  • Manage their health with the ability to trend, track and compare all health test results regardless of when, where or how the tests were done

Learning Health System

powered by CentiBlick

The learning health system creates a health system versus a sick system by:

  • Utilizing institutional based clinical data

  • Quantitative AI and Machine learning              

Informing patients when they are at risk and what actions to take before they get sick

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