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Virtual Primary
Care for

powered by CentiBlick

Make immediate virtual primary care available to employees with your company- branded solution and dramatically reduce healthcare expenses

Deliver the Right Care at the Right Time

powered by CentiBlick

Employee Virtual Care powered by CentiBlick connects employees to high quality care around-the- clock from home, work or anywhere

Telehealth primary care visits are preferred by employees for non-inpatient needs
Self Insured employers can dramatically reduce employee healthcare costs
Virtual primary care visits resolve most care needs in one encounter
Graphics design feature
Graphic design feature
Dramatically reduce
healthcare costs, especially for self-insured employers
Resolve most care needs
in one visit
Preferred by employees for
non-inpatient needs

A Virtual-first Medical Practice

With quality primary, urgent and behavioral care providers and complete employee medical records, we operate 24/7 in all 50 states with quality HIPAA-compliant primary care, urgent care and behavioral care

A female doctor smiling as she starts an employee online primary care visit
CentiBlick and Employer team shaking hands as we agree to build them a telehalth app at on charge

We Will Cover All The Cost!

You’ve spent enough on employee healthcare costs!
Our team of developers, architects and account executives will partner with your company to deliver a modern company-branded employee healthcare solution

We Provide Resources That
Ensure Success

Full marketing support to onboard employees and keep
them using your company-branded healthcare solution delivering long term lower healthcare costs and happier healthier employees

A CentiBlick Account Executive and Employer Benefits Team smiling as they work with employees to drive adoption

Empower your employees today!

And experience the impact of modern healthcare within your organization.

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