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Dramatically reduce health expenses, improve outcomes and enable employees to be healthier and happier

Deliver a Consolidated Best-in-Class Experience
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Company branding drives retention and engagement

Employees own their complete medical records and can share with any provider

Healthcare providers have the information they need to deliver best-in-class care

Health and wellbeing apps in one place with reminders to drive healthy behaviors

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Reduce costs immediately with Coordinated Care
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Instantly connect employees for informed Telehealth and behavioral health consultants dramatically reducing unnecessary and costly care encounters

Providers have seamless access to consolidated employee medical records enabling better care and healthier outcomes

Integrated medication reminders that promote compliance and reduce avoidable ER and Hospital visits

Personalized digital health tools that help employees avoid or better manage chronic health conditions

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Enable Healthier Lives
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Our expert team and medical staff will work with your organization to incorporate or choose new best-in-class prevention & wellbeing apps and programs in one place

Finally, employees have all health insurance and employer provider apps and programs in one place

Employees can select a personalized experience that delivers habit forming reminders that deliver habit forming reminders leading to healthier, happier lives


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