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EHR Systems Alone Aren't Enough to Enhance Healthcare Workflows

A whiteboard with post it notes outlining a project.
Workflow managements must be enhanced to combat physician burnout.

With the rise in demand for higher quality virtual care, hospitals and health systems are being tasked with finding a solution that enables them to implement an efficient web to bed strategy.

By allowing patients and providers across 26,000+ facilities to be connected within a single user-friendly interface we are enabling hospitals and health systems to bypass many of the issues that derive from a lack of connectivity across facilities.

"EHRs have helped to improve productivity and efficiency, but EHRs alone are not the solution. Without effective healthcare workflow management and efficient and effective communications systems, it is difficult to unlock the full potential of EHRs. Healthcare workflow management to fine-tune hospital workflows is essential for removing redundancies that unnecessarily eat up hospital resources, delay the provision of medical care, and slow patient throughput. Effective workflow management can streamline workflows and has been shown to reduce the potential for medical errors, help to ensure compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, and improve the quality of care provided to patients." - HIPAA Journal

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