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Designed Patient Centric Digital Health Experiences

CentiBlick designed a modern patient-centric virtual care center and it is already lightyears beyond what is currently passing for virtual care on the market. CentiBlick is the future in cloud-based microsite technology and already integrates within health systems today bringing true interoperability to patients and providers. Administration teams, doctor groups, and executive committees of health systems, clinics, and hospitals rave about our state-of-the-art solution after showing them what their systems should be striving to achieve.

medical banner with doctor working laptop

CentiBlick built this virtual care solution through the eyes of the user, and that includes a full virtual care ecosystem with patient, provider, and administrator portals concurrently utilizing one omnichannel ecosystem that integrates a patient's complete healthcare journey. The system houses two-way secured video sessions, chat functionalities, electronic monitoring wearables, remote device connections, preloaded wellbeing app connections, preventive risk data management, and dynamic coordinated scheduling for providers and administrators all from the same platform. We built the patient and provider platforms to work intelligently with each side seamlessly.

More of these features include complex on-site and off-site routing cues, multi-language translation, and concurrent chat functionality for clinicians to help more patients with greater care in much less time than in-person visits. Our provider center has charting capabilities in which the provider is immediately able to complete or is able to come back to. This transcription to charting and billing function includes transcription to text, CPT code formulation from keywords in the session, direct data transfer into billing departments, and prescription scheduling. CentiBlick is so much more functional than the average single-video connection software, we are a customized care solution that allows us to architect our solution into your health system's brand. Without going into the full administration care center details, we will leave that for your technical demonstration, schedule a demo with one of our strategic account representatives, and integrate the health solution from the future into your hospital today.

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