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Collaboration is the Key to Upgrading Virtual Health

Here is why collaboration is the key to upgrading your virtual health solutions!

The American Medical Association (AMA) has released this report on the potential of digitally enabled care, which combines in-person and virtual care models to transform healthcare delivery.

AMA highlights the need to fundamentally rethink how care models are designed, implemented, and scaled to address the challenges of the healthcare system.

Despite over $100 billion invested in digital health companies since 2010, there has been minimal progress in addressing ongoing healthcare challenges, resulting in a "digital health disconnect."

The report outlines foundational pillars for addressing this disconnect and opportunities for stakeholders to realize the full potential of digitally enabled care. Each stakeholder, including providers, health plans, employers, policymakers, health tech companies, and investors, has a unique role to play in bridging the digital health disconnect.

Collaboration is the Key to Upgrading Virtual Health

Showcasing effective case studies and best practices across specialties, practice settings, and stakeholders to identify successful approaches.

Developing a common vocabulary for digitally enabled care through joint efforts to promote alignment and reduce complexity.

Sharing opportunities, best practices, and lessons learned through AMA-convened efforts, pilots, and organized learning collaboratives to address workforce issues and industry-wide burnout.

Providing education on approaches, outcomes, and impacts tailored to specialty, use case, and patient population needs through collaborative efforts.

Upholding the principles released by the AMA In Full Health Learning & Action Community to Advance Equitable Health by committing to them.

Supporting physician-led, team-based care and ensuring that the patient-physician relationship remains the "heart and soul" of medicine.

Collaborating on advocacy efforts aligned with industry fragmentation, payment reform, and the advancement of digitally enabled care.

As are at a tipping point to how we navigate both existing and emerging models of care, collaboration is the main ingredient of the digital health success recipe.

What would you add to the list to address the digital health disconnect? I’d love to hear from you in the comments

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