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CentiBlick, Inc. Co-founder Receives Prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Miami, FL, 2021 August 24 - CentiBlick, Inc., a modern Telehealth company that provides health systems, hospitals, clinics, and employers with state-of-the-art hybrid healthcare telemedicine platforms, is pleased to announce that one of its co-founders, Kenneth Blick, has been awarded the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who demonstrate leadership and excellence in their industry. The selection process weighs various factors including accomplishments in one’s field, occupied position, longevity, and prominence. CentiBlick is proud to have Dr. Kenneth Blick as a co-founder and member of the board and is elated that he was chosen to receive this prestigious award.

Dr. Kenneth Blick Co-founder of CentiBlick, Inc. receives Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Blick has many accomplishments in the fields of clinical chemistry and clinical pathology. He has been an educator and researcher with the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine from 1982 to 2021 where he was a full professor teaching courses in medical informatics and statistics, core pathology, endocrinology and applied pathology (analytical techniques, managing lab data, immunoassays, and hepatic/endocrinology cases) and where he served as director of the clinical pathology laboratory. Dr. Blick has served as chairman of the board of the Oklahoma Board of Tests of Alcohol and Drug Influence for over 25 years and continues on the board today (1999 to present) and is regularly called to testify as an expert witness in the field. He has served as the director of the Rose State College Medical Laboratory Technology program since 2000 to 2016 and is currently a board member. Dr. Blick founded the Informatics Division at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC). Dr. Blick is considered a highly prolific researcher and writer having published more than 300 scholarly articles and numerous textbooks. He is currently Board Certified by the American Board for Clinical Chemistry (ABCC). In the private sector, Dr. Blick has demonstrated his expertise in developing PathMan, one of the nation’s first Electronic Health Records (EHRs) tracking laboratory data for clinicians (1965-2012). He most recently cofounded CentiBlick, Inc. after having been awarded a patent which allows for the normalization of clinical data enabling patient’s data to be compared and contrasted over time regardless of the laboratory equipment the tests are performed on. This invention allows for Health Record Interoperability and is an important step in assisting patients to take charge of their own electronic health record and medical treatment plans.

CentiBlick, Inc. was incorporated in July 2020 and is engaged in improving the Telehealth experience for: patients by helping them “…be active participants in their health…”1; health care professionals by providing intuitive graphics, task management and charting assistance; and the hospital administration by providing best-in-class patient and provider scheduling with AI and ML assisted forecasting.

Marquis Who’s Who was established in 1898 and published its first biographical data in 1899. Since that time Marquis has stood as a standard for reliable and comprehensive biographical data in every significant field of endeavor including librarians, students, researchers, corporate executives, journalists and others.

For more information concerning Dr. Blick’s work and Centiblick, Inc., please provide your email.

This article was updated 2023 August 22.

1 Debiase, D . (2023, February 7) Rebooting a $7 Trillion Economy. Forbes.

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