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Can telemedicine produce a successful preventative care program?

Exploring the Potential of Telemedicine in Preventative Care Programs

Let's dive into this insightful article from Bill Siwicki, a leading expert in Healthcare IT, that explores the question: "Can telemedicine produce a successful preventative care program?" The healthcare landscape is evolving, and telemedicine holds the promise of revolutionizing how we approach preventive care. Several experts have weighed in on the idea that telehealth for primary care and remote patient monitoring could be the secret to preventing disease and finding success in value-based care reimbursement models.

A doctor on his computer reviewing information.
By using telehealth, doctor's now have the ability to monitor their patients remotely and check in with the patients more often.

The specific expert in this article is Gary Hamilton, CEO of the patient engagement platform, InteliChart. Hamilton provides comprehensive questions to Siwicki's questions on the topics of creating successful preventative care programs, virtual care as a disease prevention tool, and how the use of telehealth technology fits in with value-based care models.

"Applying telehealth as a preventative measure means making it easier for the patient to access their providers and creating a much lighter lift for the provider organization to yield that visit. The result is a situation where a telehealth visit can be provided by one to two staff, whereas an in-person visit may involve considerably more than that. When talking about chronic disease and chronic populations, there are a lot of factors that must be considered when managing these patients. Often, it's managing the patient on things they need to be doing on their own, whether taking medication or recording findings such as home glucose or blood pressure readings and weight. Being able to provide telehealth to the patient, whenever or wherever the patient is, continues to facilitate proper management. You're also more likely to have a patient adhere to prescribed care – especially if they have the ability to take a more active role in their own health." -Gary Hamilton

This article explores the intersection of telemedicine and preventive care, delving into the challenges, opportunities, and successes. As we navigate an era of digital healthcare transformation, understanding how telemedicine can drive successful preventative care initiatives becomes paramount. Let's stay informed and engage in the conversation shaping the future of healthcare delivery!

Check out the full article from Healthcare IT News.

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