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A Few New Ways Employers Use Technology to Support Employee Health

The evolution of how people manage their health in the digital age has led to increased expectations for incorporating more digital functionality into healthcare benefits. “We know that the world of work is very broken today. There is a lot of stress, employees are under a lot of pressure, and which leads to health care issues and problems. We know that 50% of all medical issues have a comorbidity of stress,” says Gary Gustafson.

An employee on his cell phone smiling.
As we speed towards end-to-end digital life, the way people monitor their own health has evolved. And because smarter tech has given consumers a more holistic view of their overall health, they now expect more digital functionality to be incorporated into their health care benefits.

A conversation among digital health leaders highlights the following key aspects:

Total Well-Being Support: Addressing employees' well-being goes beyond physical health to encompass emotional, financial, and work-related aspects. Certain immersive platforms illustrate the potential of mobile technology to guide well-being. They includes trackable health assessments, gamified challenges for fitness and nutrition, and stress management tools. These platforms offer personalized recommendations that extend beyond traditional wellness goals, providing resources to manage stress, anxiety, and more.

Guided Diagnosis and Action Plan: Accurate medical information is vital in an era of self-diagnosis. Certain apps differentiate themselves with their ability to move beyond symptom analysis and incorporate employees' health benefits for guidance on navigating the complex healthcare system. These platforms create a path to underutilized health benefits, such as telemedicine, within employees' personalized action plans.

Personal, Continuous Support for Chronic Health Conditions: Certain apps for chronic conditions collaborate with health plans to provide daily tips and reminders for managing these chronic conditions, along with direct communication channels with nurse care managers. Some apps even target specific chronic conditions, offering digital consultations with diabetes coaches and tailored exercise and diet programs based on real-time blood sugar levels.

As digital care continues to evolve, Harvard Pilgrim aims to remain at the forefront of innovative offerings, emphasizing comprehensive well-being support, guided diagnosis, and personal support for chronic conditions to keep employees healthy and satisfied.

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