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Background image of a modern clinic room with digital devices displaying health data, symbolizing hybrid care combining in-person and telehealth services

Enabling Clinicians to Provide Telehealth to their Patients

Next-gen Telehealth Platform that Works

for You!

Background image of a user-friendly software interface, highlighting simple navigation and quick setup features
Doctor character waving hello during a virtual consultation, representing friendly and accessible telehealth services

Easy to use and implement

Background image of a streamlined digital dashboard showing efficient workflow integration, designed to enhance existing business processes
Background image of a busy office environment with employees efficiently working at computers, symbolizing increased productivity through technology
Patient character engaging in a virtual consultation from home, illustrating the convenience and accessibility of telehealth services

Enhances your
existing workflow

Increases Productivity

Patient character participating in a telehealth consultation via laptop, demonstrating modern healthcare accessibility

powered by CentiBlick

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26,000+ Integrated EHRs and Practice Management Systems

Elevate patient and provider care with seamless medical record consolidation and sharing through your virtual care center.


of Facility EHRs


Connected Providers


Shareable Patient Records


Payer Databases

Doctor on a computer screen providing medical advice during a telehealth consultation, showcasing remote healthcare capabilities
Grid layout on a digital screen showing multiple telehealth connections between doctors and patients, symbolizing the network of virtual healthcare services
Patient on a computer screen engaging with a doctor during a telehealth consultation, emphasizing convenient remote healthcare access
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Easy-to-use features

Provide patients, providers, and administrators cutting-edge Virtual Care features that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

Screenshot of a telehealth app interface with intuitive and user-friendly features for seamless remote medical consultations


Patient and Provider Engaged in Empathetic Interaction for Healthcare Profile


Medical Records: Patient and Provider Interacting in a Healthcare Setting

Medical Records

Virtual Care: Patient and Provider Engaged in Telehealth Interaction

Virtual Care

Digital Forms: Patient and Provider Interacting for Efficient Healthcare Documentation

Digital Forms

Integrated Reminders: Patient and Provider Engaging in Timely Healthcare Communication

 Integrated Reminders

Seamless Virtual

Seamless Virtual Consultations: Empowering Providers for Effective Healthcare Delivery

Provider Profile

Service Status: Enabling Seamless Virtual Consultations for Efficient Healthcare Delivery

Service Status

Virtual Waiting Room: Seamlessly Empowering Virtual Consultations for Enhanced Healthcare Access

Virtual Waiting Room

Efficient Appointments: Enabling Seamless Virtual Consultations for Enhanced Healthcare Accessibility


Scheduling Convenience: Enabling Seamless Virtual Consultations for Efficient Healthcare Access


Telehealth platform interface facilitating smooth and hassle-free virtual consultations, enabling seamless remote healthcare interactions


Efficient User Management: Streamlining Administrative Tasks for Enhanced Productivity

User Management

Integrated Scheduling: Streamlining Administrative Tasks for Efficient Time Management

Integrated Scheduling

Appointment Management: Streamlining Administrative Tasks for Efficient Healthcare Operations

Appointment Management

Efficient User Requests: Streamlining Administrative Tasks for Improved Service Delivery

User Request

Telehealth platform interface simplifying administrative processes, optimizing efficiency in remote healthcare management.
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Features Linear Background (1).jpg

Our Pricing

At CentiBlick we believe in transparent affordable pricing and customer service that exceeds expectations.


$69 /license/month

Unlimited use

Hybrid Care: Blending Traditional and Virtual Healthcare for Comprehensive Treatment

Next-gen security: keep your patients' PHI and identity safe

Pediatric Virtual Urgent Care: Accessing Immediate Medical Attention for Children Remotely

Medical Records: 26,000+ connected facility EHRs instantly deliver providers the information they need

Telehealth Innovations: Advancing Healthcare Delivery with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Zero Cost EHR Integration: we will integrate your EHR at no additional charge (1-way)

Virtual PCP: Accessing Primary Care Physicians Remotely for Comprehensive Healthcare

Scheduling, Appointments, Digital Forms and Organization Branding: support patients, providers and admins for a best-in-class virtual care experience


$89 /license/month

Unlimited use

All Essential Features +

Telehealth Platforms: Empowering Remote Healthcare Access and Connectivity

Digital Front Door: deliver hybrid healthcare combining telehealth and your patient portal all in one place

Urgent Care Video Visit: Accessing Immediate Medical Attention from Anywhere

Modern Referrals: No more faxing, our platform supports HIPAA, ISO & Fed Ramp secure referrals



Available Upgrades

Telehealth Platforms: Revolutionizing Remote Healthcare Delivery and Accessibility

2-way EHR Integration

Best Health Record App: Managing Your Medical Information with Ease and Security


Telemedicine Software Solutions: Enhancing Healthcare Delivery with Advanced Technology

AI-auto Charting with ICD-10, SNOMED & RX Norm NLP Integration

Healthcare Data Management: Safeguarding and Streamlining Medical Information for Better Patient Care

Remote Patient Monitoring with 4,000 pre-integrated devices

Healthcare Analytics Software: Unlocking Insights for Informed Decision-Making in Patient Care


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News, Resources, and Updates

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