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Next generation health IT powered by CentiBlick
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Next-Generation Health IT powered by CentiBlick 

Access & Share

Individuals can take ownership of their complete health records from over 26,000 health facilities and share them with the provider of their choice


Our patented technology enables individuals to understand their results, see trends and make informed health and wellness decisions



Complete health records enable informed Telehealth and Behavioral health, facilitating alignment between patient and provider



Personalized prevention and wellbeing programs in one place creates a seamless experience with reminders that help create healthy habits

Make the transition from sick care to health through a patient experience that is precise, personalized and human

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The 21st Century CureAct gives individuals and their providers access to their full medical records. Our patented technology makes it practical
*CentiBlick is compliant with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations

Enhance Telehealth Services with Virtual Care Center
powered by CentiBlick 

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Dramatically Reduce Healthcare Expenses and Inspire Employees 
powered by CentiBlick 

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Deliver Members the Technology Experience They Expect

powered by CentiBlick 

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CentiBlick is on the leading edge of interoperability.  Offering patients and their providers a complete electronic medical record within an easy to use health app.  We also incorporate our customer's existing wellness app to provide a digital front door for all things health and wellness while supporting clinical decision with predictive health analysis tools to better manage patient health.  Please explore our product pages for Telehealth, Employer and Payer solutions or feel free to click "Let's Connect" to chat with a CentiBlick professional

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